19 Jan '23 DIY - shelf for hobby paints

Some time ago I've mentioned that I've started figures painting as a hobby. My paints collection started to grow. Rapidly. And please don't blame me. Those colors are addictive.

22 Aug '22 I love pigeonholing myself

The way we behave in various life situations most often than not can be aligned with bunch of models that have been established last century. To understand myself better I've decided to take a couple of tests to clearly determine who I really am and why I behave that way? I hope it will also improve my career and makes me better at everything I do.

23 Jun '22 Father's Day 2022

Like every year Father's Day has come. And this year was full of great gifts :)

21 Mar '22 I just hit 38

Today, on Monday, 21st of March I've hit 38. And it's terrifying. Mostly because I still don't know what makes me fully happy and perfectly balanced in my life.

01 Dec '21 Touch typing relearning

I decided to check how "good" is my keyboard writing. It could definitely gone better. But right now the problem is muscle memory and habit of writing improperly.

22 Nov '21 DIY - figure painting

One thing on my "want to try" list was ensuring if figures painting is something that will make me happy. And it is.

28 Oct '21 I'm afraid of side projects

I am a software developer for more than a decade now. But I am not as good as I could be, because I'm afraid of making side projects.

25 Oct '21 DIY - Talisman Board game table topper

My habit of collecting books lately switched to habit of collecting board and card games. I've got immersed into Talisman (mainly) and few others.

30 Sep '21 Career path shift

Today is my last day at Unhaggle - company focused on automotive industry, where I've most of the time worked with Django and Vue.js. 3 awesome years almost passed. Many gorgeous people met. But I've decided to try something new.

08 Sep '21 Information junkie - I am one of them too

Notifications with recommended YouTube videos about newest and fanciest JavaScript libraries. Another Django or JavaScript courses tagged as "Hot" or "Highest Rated". New book about the framework or architecture pattern used by developers at FAANG. Yet another time management approach, ultra-productivity and ultimate-procrastination-preventing trick. Between courses endless stream from HackerNews and blog feeds. And of course don't forget to check newsletters you are subscribed to.