DIY - Talisman Board game table topper

My habit of collecting books lately switched to habit of collecting board and card games. I've got immersed into Talisman (mainly) and few others.

I've decided to build table topper for base Talisman game with four board expansions: The City, The Woodland, The Highland and The Dungeon. Smaller expansions does not need more space.

Talisman game with 4 expansion regions is awesome.


  • Board size (with expansion regions): 130x100 cm
  • Base board size: 88x58 cm
  • Expansion regions size: 21 cm; there are 4 of them, one for every corner.
  • Place for cards (Adventure decs, expansions decs) on game surface: 8 cm (will be on both sides)
  • Elevated personal space (for Character Cards, supporting elbows): 12 cm
  • game surface will be covered with some fabric - preferably neoprene fabric

I wanted to avoid investing too much resources into building whole new table from ground up. Especially that the space is just a game surface and I wanted to have something removable for my existing BJURSTA IKEA dinner-table.

This way I would like to share my personal project. It's the first approach so it's not perfect, but still - I'm absolutely proud of it. The topper is foldable and pretty heavy.

Final result:

Empty table topper

Table topper with Talisman and four board expansions

Can't wait to start the game early enough to be able to travel all the dungeons and forests :)