01 Dec '21I have never used a graphic tablet so I bought one to check if I like to use it

As for most software developers my workspace was driven by comfortable keyboard and mouse. Of course there was a plethora of those devices, sometimes better, sometimes worse. And from time to time I've bought them for curiosity.

17 Sep '21Global .gitignore

From time to time I see code editors or IDEs settings pushed to GitHub repositiories. Sometimes they're put there intentionally - and that's fine. But more often they're not. So how can we preven't ourselves from putting all IDEs and editors into every projects .gitignore?

11 Sep '21Can't load image in PIXI.js when using Parcel bundler

Today I've tried to play with PIXI.js with Parcel bundler. Even if it's a convenient way to build and serve HTML file with your application, it does not resolve assets paths correctly.

16 Aug '21Git commits emojis

Git is one of the commonly used tool in developer's toolbox. However it's still text driven and thus a bit boring. Wouldn't be great to invite some joy while working with it?

21 Dec '20Color palette generated from the CSS of the website

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to use colors of your favorite framework from its website as inspiration to your own projects?

12 Oct '20Blog migration to new platform

Strongly inspired by other developer approach, personal need for reducing paid tools usage and having chances for 100% customization I've decided to search for WordPress.com alternative. Comparing a few of globally available solutions that met those criterias tend me to use Pelican.