I have never used a graphic tablet so I bought one to check if I like to use it

As for most software developers my workspace was driven by comfortable keyboard and mouse. Of course there was a plethora of those devices, sometimes better, sometimes worse. And from time to time I've bought them for curiosity.

Few years ago at home I've switched to trackball. There is still a mouse on the desk but most of the time my coursor moves with my thumb. And I enjoy it. Especially that using mouse was painful for my upper-arm joints. I suppose because of the muscle tension. Anyway, mouse was uncomfortable.

In Career path shift post I've mentioned that I've moved closer to game development and by this to computer graphic itself. Thus I've also decided to buy graphic tablet. Nothing expensive. And if you are a Polish reader, don't laugh - Huion h950p.

So this is my first day of experimenting with such device - it's pretty tough to use it as mouse. And unfortunately I haven't created anything worth sharing.