Blog migration to new platform

Strongly inspired by other developer approach, personal need for reducing of paid tools usage and having opportunities for 100% customization I've decided to search for alternative. Comparing a few of globally available solutions that met those criterias tend me to use Pelican.

The Pelican itself is just another Static Site Generator - where we create relatively dynamic content using known markup languages (like Markdown or reStructuredText) - and we generate static HTML output from those sources. Pelican supports many ways to publish our generated website to Amazon S3, GitHub pages, FTP to just a name a few.

Thanks to Jinja template language used in Pelican we're getting the possibility of fully customizing look and feel of our generated website.

Obviously I see Pelican as an experiment at this point and if there will be some problems in the future and Pelican won't be able to co-operate with me there will be an opportunity to try anything new - or alternatively write something by myself from ground up.